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Mortgage Insurance

Protect Your Family and Your Home

Mortgage Insurance will protect you in the event that you can longer pay your monthly mortgage contributions due to illness or death. This prevents a foreclose and repossession of your home that would normally result from a default.

With mortgage insurance, you have a choice: accepting the standard insurance provided by your lender, or opting for you own individual plan. In the case of the former, your lender is the beneficiary and the policy is owned and controlled by them. If you switch your mortgage, you will not be able to switch the insurance plan! On the other hand, if you decide to get your own insurance, ownership and control of the policy is in your hands, and you may carry it around as you wish. You are the beneficiary and can choose exactly how to use the tax-free money you receive. Also, you will have lower premiums compared to those offered by your lender.

FTIC will find the lowest rates and the best possible terms for your mortgage insurance, placing full control and flexibility in your hands. We'll also take the time to explain all the details and fine print so that you know exactly where you stand.

For the finest in Mortgage Insurance, call FTIC today.